sad sad sad. Don't use if you're in the market to get a rental.

In San Antonio, I sent out 12 requests for showings and received only 2 responses over 5 days. One property owner-manager took 5 days to respond, and then cancelled twice before showing up....late. Also, there is no information on what floor an apartment is on, and the prices are usually way way off. Plus the photos bear almost no resemblance to the property.

I went to one property on the market where the kitchen was not installed, the bathtub was filthy and filled with rust and mold, and the yard was nothing but weeds. What was really tragic is that this property was listed as an updated "remodel" in one of San Antonio's classic older neighborhoods....exactly the kind of place where good housing is sorely needed. Several homeowners have done a remarkable restoration job so it's too bad this property owner had absolutely no pride of ownership or sense of place. But hey, at least he allowed a showing.

10 others never did. Can't fathom why any renter in San Antonio would mess with Zillow....especially if you're not looking for one of the horrible mega apartment complexes that are adding to the urban sprawl throughout the Northwide, all the way to what once used to be the lovely Hill country,

Product or Service Mentioned: Zillow Property Listing.

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