After contemplating listing my home for sale I spent a little time checking what was currently listed for my property. Imagine my surprise when a realtor told me I could expect to see about $240k for the property but Zillow listed it at $161k.

I contacted Zillow, they told me they use an algorithm to estimate values and that I simply needed to update the listing. After thoroughly updating the listing there was no change in the value at all. Keep in mind this is going from 0 bedrooms (the listing was pretty far off) to 5! After weeks of contacting their customer support and the BBB they have basically told me that I'm out of luck and that they don't care.

They would not remove the listing and they would not correct it to an accurate value despite, two of their real estate agents offering different values, the property tax, and an official appraisal. Typical big business.

Automated response, no real customer support, "nothing we can do" attitude. There is no other way to describe them besides a terrible company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Zillow House Selling Estimate.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Remove the listing.

Zillow Cons: Customer service, Misleading information, Misleading claims, Run around from customer service, Inaccurate home value.

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Who cares? Everybody knows Zillow is inaccurate.


When Zillow claims over 70% of Real Estate market share Homeowners care that inaccurate Zillow Zestimates will 'influence' the price they receive when selling their home at some time in the future.

When Zillows treats homeowners with contempt by refusing all reasonable requests to correct or delete inaccurate Zestimates then it is time they were regulated in the same way that banks, insurance companies, utilities, etc are regulated to protect homeowners from misery & financial damage.

As a minimum there needs to be a 'DoNotZestimate' opt out in the same way as people can opt out of unwanted spam phone calls by registering with the 'DoNotCall' website.

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